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Post SilicoN.MEOW

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Nickname-ul celui reclamat:SilicoN.MEOW
Precizari:Ma duceam cu masina de hitman in LS cand acest admin si-a dat Tp la mine si m-a omorat . Cer ban sau scoaterea din aceasta functie !!!



Dovezi insuficiente.
Din dovezile puse de tine nu se vede clar ca playerul reclamat a incalcat regulile.
Daca nu ai dovezi clare, playerul reclamat nu va fi sanctionat.

EN: The screenshots/videos uploaded by you are not enough to be sure that the player you created a complaint against did anything against the rules. In the future, take screenshots when discussing a trade using F8 and use a software like FRAPS to create videos for DM complaints.
Admin action: Topic Closed.


You are here » JustForGame RPG || || » # Sanctiuni » Post SilicoN.MEOW